Norman P. (Industrial Designer)

Filipino industrial designer NORMAN PARDALIS  collaborates with startups and well-established enterprises alike — conducting product and market research, building ideas, creating new concepts or building up on existing designs, preparing them for prototyping and eventually conducting product assessment for further design development. He has worked on aesthetic and functional designs for a variety of products including consumer electronics and medical devices, wearable technology, personal hygiene products, multifunctional bags and containers, household items, product packaging and labels, and many others. He is both a professional designer and a capable marketer, given his education and experience in advertising and business management.

consumer product designer Norman Pardalis
One of the many things INDUSTRIAL DESIGN allows us to enjoy

“Good design means that each component and design element has a valuable purpose. As a professional designer, I strive to achieve design harmony with form, purpose and product functionality, increasing the chances of getting people to love the product. If the product works as well as it looks, people will want it, customers will get it, and users will talk good about it.”

Monson R. (Digital Marketer)

MONSON RAMOS’ professional career has been running on three separate but often closely related tracks: Lead Generation, Marketing Strategy, CRM Development, Content Writing. He is a reliable expert on generating client databases (valid emails, contact numbers, social media profiles) and in supporting/updating CRMs (Salesforce, Pardot, Hubspot). Information that he gathers is used to manage, nurture and convert inbound leads into sales opportunities, as well as identify strong potential prospects to generate outbound lead opportunities. He maintains well-organized, up-to-date and accurate sales information and activity reports in Sales force CRM system.

Monson also evaluates a company’s current process and requirements, and provide engaging and articulate information about the company’s value proposition to potential customers, thereby increasing chances of customer engagement. At the end of the day, you acquire information that is valuable and useful in keep your products and services top of mind among your target clients and key decision makers.