Filipino industrial designer NORMAN PARDALIS  collaborates with startups and established enterprises alike — creating, developing and improving design concepts for electronic devices, wearable technology, consumer and household products. He is both a professional designer and a capable marketer, given his experience in advertising and business management.As a dilligent industrial designer, Norman’s design process involves product and market research, design ideation sketching, 3D modelling, editing and rendering. What he provides are valuable results — visual output that may propel a business forward or gain organisations the much needed attention, clients, customers and potentially a significant share of the market.

consumer product designer Norman Pardalis
One of the many things INDUSTRIAL DESIGN allows us to enjoy

Norman started his design career as a graphic designer in ActMedia Philippines Inc., a retail advertising media company that provides in-store advertising media for mostly multinational FMCG companies.  He has led several creative teams within his 6-year tenure, but later on moved to the UK for business education, aiming to diversify his knowledge and capabilities. After achieving his business degree, he again revived his design career by designing electronic devices for NTEK Systems, Inc. He actively engaged in developing electronic devices for the internet of things (IoT) landscape through product design and brand marketing activities. Norman was also instrumental in the company’s efforts of globalizing its products and businesses, through participating in international events.  He now runs his own business as a competitive, versatile and independent product designer.

“Good design means that each component and design element has a valuable purpose. As a professional designer, I strive to achieve design harmony with form, purpose and product functionality, increasing the chances of getting people to love the product. If the product works as well as it looks, people will want it, customers will get it, and users will talk good about it.”