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“I can’t imagine that…” would happen, he started to protest. 121. Mmn—! He and Shougo should have logically been in completely opposite positions—and yet he couldn’t help recalling here…how he’d felt when he’d met Seiya that Christmas Eve, how despite finally landing the windfall he’d always hoped to get, he still couldn’t think of anything he wanted. Though I apologize if that sounds like it was my real reason for wanting to meet.”, “Oh, not at all. As Shougo slowly pulled out, Rei felt the last of his strength leave him, his knees finally giving out, and he fell onto the sheets in slumber…. Even if something eventually happened because of this—the blame fell squarely on Rei for what he’d done in the past. Dinnertime this evening was fairly normal. It was the only reason he could possibly have for saying things like I can’t be without you and I hope you’ll think about me if I surpass him in the same breath. Plus, he’d been certain that only the celebrities of Ryouma and Izumi would actually show up in any footage captured. Oh—you wanna continue what we started last night?” The moment Shougo opened his mouth and delivered the question, all casual and unruffled, Rei felt his will firm, and he stared straight at Shougo. Also I want to see some baby Izumi cuteness! Rei and Shougo are my favorite pair in Love Stage and reading this makes me understand how their relationship grows. “—w-wait…”, “Hey—what’s the big idea, all of a sudden…?”, “Just shut up—I heard something.” He thought he’d heard a sound—something not roused by their own actions, and he shoved Shougo up off of himself. “…So? They’d met at some bar or drinking establishment and hit it off immediately, and Rei recalled presuming upon his kindness quite often. “Guess that’s the end of our secret alliance.”. Mitsuzuka had always been a terribly kind person, Rei was reminded anew, and he bubbled over with feelings of gratitude. “Rei…I love you so much…” Einige Geschehnisse verlaufen Paralell zu "Love Stage !!" “My my, Izumi certainly does seem to be fond of you, Rei-kun,” Seiya observed, soothing Izumi. You look sad…”, The thoughtless optimism in his voice snapped something inside of Rei. How’ve you been?? He’d considered for a moment pawning Izumi off on Sotomura—but Sotomura was new, and the work would probably be too much for him; plus, he was doing so well with the CRUSHERZ that Rei didn’t want to chance ruining his pace. shougo x rei | Tumblr. “Mmm—ngh…!” Rei’s eyes popped open at the sudden, unexpected sensation of something wet on him, and he glanced down just in time to see Shougo take his hardened length into his mouth. Follows the characters Sena Shougo and Sagara Rei's story from Love Stage. Shougo must have felt the same sense of urgency as Rei, for he quickly dressed without protest and slipped out of the room. [Light Novel] Translation by September Scanlations Chapter 5 Rei wakes from a nap with a jolt to find Shougo leaning over him, gently shaking him and telling him they’re finished—he’s at a recording studio for a talk show, and Shougo’s just finished his segment.Rei had tagged along to keep an eye on him, but now that the taping’s finished, they need to get going. Relieved that the man was backing down without protest, Rei released a soft sigh. I swear I won’t do anything you don’t want me to.”, At this, Rei noted that his manner of speaking seemed much more serious than usual. And the words that fell from his lips…were ones Rei had never expected to hear: “I tried sleeping with other people—but it just didn’t work. Looking forward to reading this chapter in its entirety after having read the summary. The invitation, delivered as such, was difficult to turn down, given how ungrateful Rei had been. I’m at least gonna finish college over there, I think… I can probably skip a few grades and graduate early, that way.”. The conversation continued on in this vein as the pair discussed old times and what they’d been up to recently, but after about two hours, Rei’s cell phone rang, and he slipped his hand into his pocket. For him. This could be his chance a voice whispered deep inside his ear. “Ah…” Shougo’s face popped up in his mind—but after reminding himself that Shougo was not his lover, he waved it away. Don’t I deserve at least a little reward?”. canon. Rei had tagged along to keep an eye on him, … “Mitsuzuka-san…?” The voice was dark, as he’d never heard before, and Rei struggled to look up. However… “But I have to agree that I’m going to be sad to see you go as well… Though naturally, it’s hardly my place to keep you from doing so, and I have no intention of it either… But, do you have to leave?” Seiya tried, once more, to prompt Rei to change his mind. Manga Related Series. “That doesn’t matter! “I was wrong—I can’t lose my dream, my life…just for a few hours’ pleasure with you.”, And maybe Shougo understood now…how serious Rei was. Except he came home again for Spring Break. The letter alone had been disturbing enough, but realizing that the culprit was so near now was unbearable. I’ll let you know when I’ve settled my schedule.”. I mean, I’m really happy?”, “Mmf…” Now Shougo pressed a pecking kiss to the other nipple, finishing with a suckle. That would put his relationship with Shougo under suspicion as well. The hand he’d clenched to his chest trembled nervously, and he was sure if he looked into a mirror just now, his face would be as pale as if he’d just seen a ghost. I’ve never gotten really serious or obsessive over any one special person, never felt like I’ve gotta have them.”. “Hmm? It would be best for Shougo if they didn’t interact until this matter was resolved. They discussed a time to meat and a restaurant, and after exchanging cell phone numbers, Rei hung up. But just as Rei was about to explain that it wasn’t an issue of surpassing anyone, he remembered something. “That sounds nice…” he began, considering his plans for the day. Plus, he couldn’t imagine quitting. If he knows your phone number, he might have the place bugged. He’d been right; even Shougo—or rather, Shougo more than anyone else would absolutely flip out if he knew what was happening. Taking in the bright grin Shougo was favoring him with, everything came back to Rei all of a sudden. That explains why you suddenly disappeared from the apartment. “Lotion! Thanks to the steady pace of their popularity, SenaPro was presently locked firmly in their position among agencies. He was utterly blown away. Nagisa and Izumi were already gone from the living room, as was Shougo, whom Rei had been harboring uncomfortable fears of running into. He understood well enough that he, as a houseguest, had no place complaining while the family were all so happy with the situation—but the lapse in time between New Year’s and Spring Break had felt far too short, and the bitter complaint just leaked out. is what it's called that focuses on Rei and Shougo's relationship, but they are NOVELS. Rei suppressed a smile at that being the first thing out of Shougo’s mouth. Follows the characters Sena Shougo and Sagara Rei's story from Love Stage!!. Wow, you’re leaking more than I expected…”. “Kept going on about having finally found his dream—that Shougo, who’s always seemed so bored with everything he did, was practically dazzling!”, “He said he doesn’t plan on coming back home until he’s succeeded—even dropping out of school, which didn’t go over too well with Nagisa…but I must say I’m thrilled.”. “You know that…even if you do this to me…it won’t make me yours, right?” He struggled to get the words out. “This is gonna get annoying…” Not that it could be helped; he’d been the one to suggest Izumi make his debut in that manner, after all. ↪ Rei and Shougo. His body felt heavy—and strangely enough, a bit refreshed as well. Which meant this was less a secret kept for both their sakes…and more Shougo having the upper hand over Rei in this matter. began publication in May 2011. “Woohoo~!” And with an excited air that looked like he was this close to whistling happily, Shougo placed the towel over Rei’s mouth, tying it tightly around the back of his head. “Man, you sure are tight… Wait, have you not gotten yourself off since then?”. novel, and 9 months after the events in Chapter 24 of Love Stage!! But he still harbored a few small worries—one of which was the fact that there were no clear successors to Seiya and Nagisa showing themselves. Still, even this level of intimacy couldn’t last for long, as the cell phone in Shougo’s pocket began to ring, and Shougo at last gently pulled away. How could he do something like this without an ounce of hesitation? : Shougo and Rei♥ Los Mejores Animes Istas Corazones Dibujos Favoritos Anime Manga Anime Neko Todo Anime Noragami. “Just remember how much Nagisa and I, and Izumi and Shougo, and the whole office even would worry…”. “Guess I’ll just have to see how the wind blows.”. Este capítulo pertenece al Volumen 3 y al parecer será el único y final de la historia de esta hermosa pareja. “…But, why? “Though—you certainly seem to be in high spirits. “Eh? “…You must really love them, huh?” Mitsuzuka finally offered, and Rei blinked, processing the words. “Seriously?! He’d told himself the reason he’d allowed this relationship to continue as long as it had was because he needed insurance to keep Shougo quiet; he was as much at fault for not nipping this in the bud to begin with. I’ve never felt like I want to have sex with someone or be around them because I love them. “It doesn’t seem like there’s anyone around.”, A wave of relief washed over him, and Rei exited the taxi. September Scanlations. “I can’t have anyone else but you… Hey, Rei? /I’m crazy disappointed (´:ω;`) But I guess you can’t help it if it’s work! “Izumi! I thought maybe I’d never see you again.”, “Mitsuzuka-san…” Rei groped for a response, not having expected such words from the man. His hand was warm from clenching the candy tight, and the little orange candy felt like a tiny sun—shining its way into his heart, bright and warm…, With those feelings burgeoning within, he marched off for his apartment, reaching his lobby in only a few short minutes—but when he checked his mail slot, his eyes popped open. He recognized him immediately, despite the sunglasses he wore to cover his features. I heard it feels better if you use this, so I made sure to get some.” As he scissored his fingers in and out now, a disgusting schlorping sound now joined the fray. “Huh…?” Rei blinked in confusion at the unexpected suggestion. Rei went to one of his concerts and saw the vocalist was Shougo. How could he, after all? And here, Rei made his decision. Rei didn’t exactly remember where Mitsuzuka worked, but recalling that the man had always flaunted his power, he figured it had to be a fairly influential company. Far from it, shudders of pleasure shot up his spine with each pass the fingers made over his prostate, and he could feel himself spreading open further. I just wanted to tell you that I’m so grateful for this in English! He patted him gently on the head, and at length, Izumi’s crying began to lose power. “Did he seem like he was doing well? Do you know what this is? Living his life clinging to these feelings for Seiya that would never, ever bear fruit had always been so frustrating, and sex with Shougo had truly felt amazing…so he supposed he’d just been putting off the inevitable. Though honestly, he’d never even counted them as partners—he would’ve slept with anyone if called to it, and he’d never thought it remotely strange. shougo x rei | Tumblr. to continue its story independent of this series. That’s not who I am anymore! your own Pins on Pinterest But just as he was wondering these things—. To Rei, it almost felt as if he were the one initiating things with Shougo, like this, and he continued to gently stroke Shougo’s … “Oh yeah! “I have to do something…” One way or another, I needed to solve this problem as quickly as possible. My family’s staying with our parents tonight, so there’s no one home.”, “Thank you…but it would be a terrible inconvenience, so I’ll just head home.”, “Hey, come on, you’re not afraid of me, right?”. A bit of the resent he hadn’t shown earlier seeped out now, and Rei smiled wryly, feeling a bit bad. “Ah, yes of course.”. He couldn’t wrap his mind around it, given that he’d had nothing himself, unable to do anything. Rei swallowed thickly. You promised…!”. “There really are some sharp-eyed people out there…” But Rei had been involved with a lot of people in some manner or another in the past, and he had no way knowing the identity of the sender from a single sentence. Even Rei, who’d been keeping an eye out for any rising stars who might be able to succeed Seiya, could plainly see that the aura Shougo kept about himself far surpassed that of these amateurs. “Stop,” Rei snapped without answering the question, putting his foot down. Rei strained to hear, not daring to move a muscle, until he caught the sounds of Shougo descending the stairs. “Oh yeah… We’ve both been really busy lately…” Perhaps it wasn’t so strange, then, that Shougo had been so thrilled at the prospect of some alone time. “What’s the matter with you? rei shougo yaoishounenai lovestageyaoi Izumi has gone on vacation with his otaku fan-club and won't be back until next summer. He’d been relatively calm and collected when he’d stepped through the door initially, but after glancing around to see that Rei was the only one in the office, he’d unhesitatingly shouted out his greeting with a full-faced grin. May I ask if Sagara-san is available?”, “Of course, I’m Sagara.” His response was delivered in a clear, bright tone, but he couldn’t immediately place the name ‘Mitsuzuka’, and he began to comb his memory. Rei’s eyes grew wide in shock—but he could feel that his cock had indeed hardened, given how close their bodies were just now, and his cheeks flared with shame. Umm…shouldn’t we…stop them?” He jerked his head to indicate the mother-son pair. “Th—that’s merely a product of my misbegotten youth, so—” But he quickly recovered, realizing he was being drawn into following Shougo’s pace in conversation. “Yup, he even said he’s coming again on his next break!” Izumi pronounced cheerfully to Nagisa, who seemed relieved but still a bit confused by the situation herself. He released a deep sigh in an attempt to calm himself. What was it you wanted to speak to me about?”, “Right…” He seemed to fumble for words, very unlike the Shougo Rei knew, but he quickly firmed his will and raised his head, speaking at last. At Shougo’s confession, Rei couldn’t help recalling the conversation he’d had with Seiya the night before. Shougo interrupts Rei arching his head up a little. “…Ah, guess it’s about time, huh.” He silenced the alarm he’d set (just in case) on his cell phone and closed the textbook in his lap. Today was a weekday, though, so perhaps his stalker was someone who worked during the week. “Eh? His palm felt warm, and Rei realized that his own fingers had been frozen with nerves. Follows the characters Sena Shougo and Sagara Rei's story from Love Stage. “…What the heck was that?” He blinked in confusion for a few moments, standing where he stood. Yuan Zun Chapter 283. Just between the two of us! “Just look at what I’ve done with Seiya-san’s own son… I can’t possibly stay on with SenaPro any longer!”. Otherwise, the whole thing might balloon into a truly serious fight. “Ah…sorry, I’ve got a prior engagement tonight.” It wasn’t an excuse this time—but in truth, his plans with Shougo had been made earlier than those with Mitsuzuka. Reviewed in Germany on February 17, 2016. But ending his relationship with Shougo was not the only thing Rei had decided upon. Shougo reached forward and took Rei’s hand in his own, squeezing it tightly—and it was only here that Rei realized Shougo was shaking his hand. It finally confirms that Rei and Shougo do have a sexual relationship of some sort (which everyone who has read Back Stage is already aware of, but anime watchers may have only picked up through subtext). He had no right to attack Shougo on this point; if he’d been more in control of himself, he could have avoided this whole mess. And again for Summer Break. The display this time showed no number at all. He strained to hear over the sounds of his own heart thudding loudly in his chest, and then—. All Rights Reserved. /Sorry. However…, ”Ah, Rei! I love reading each chapter because the translations are always so clean and well written with detailed language which other people might tend not to use in the carry over between languages. I’m CRAZY excited now!” He looked about ready to break out into song and dance, so high on life was he—but while his excitement alone was tolerable (if a bit annoying), what Rei couldn’t stomach was the way Shougo was starting to slink closer and closer. I guess that shows how much you love him, huh?”, “I’m…afraid I don’t really know, myself.”, “Aww c’mon, no need to be shy about it~” Rei truly hadn’t realized, so he hadn’t been lying or covering anything up, but Shougo hadn’t taken it that way, apparently, and flashed his usual goofy grin once again. (Novel) (Adapted From) Love Stage!! What’s wrong?” Mitsuzuka called out, worried when Rei suddenly stopped in front of him. Especially when the word 'anniversary' comes into play! Rei’s eyes widened at the shocked tone in Mitsuzuka’s voice. “I see.” Nagisa nodded uncommittally, but her expression betrayed a bit of relief, and for a moment, she seemed less confident actress and more worried mother. xD. Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator Chapter 527. Shougo’s hand travels back to Rei’s cock, and he proceeds to stroke until they both approach their peak—and Rei comes for the second time that evening as Shougo slams into him hard, frantically jerking at his cock. I’m gonna make it big!”. The comment pushed Rei into retorting with something he probably shouldn’t have: “No matter how alike you may look, you aren’t him.” Did Shougo still not get it? Ooooh! Perhaps sensing Rei’s distress, Shougo peered down into his face, his own expression curious. Given the context, there was only one thing Shougo could be suggesting they do. They must have finally retired once again to Izumi’s room, and as a sense of relief dawned, Rei wiped away the sheen of cold sweat from his face, but his heart continued to pound. Rei? They could even be watching him, right now…. “Then that means…no…”, “Yeah–whoever left this here must have been here only moments ago… I don’t want to consider it, but he could still be lurking nearby.”. In truth, Rei doubted there was anyone who had cared about him enough to worry like that. Rei couldn’t help the upwelling of affection he felt at Izumi’s passionate wailing against his leaving. Seiya and Nagisa were both out taking care of their respective work, and Izumi was at school. “Nngh—…!” It eventually became too much to bear, and without his cock being so much as poked, Rei found his release for a second time. Reader (Chang Han-Yoon) Chapter 61. And then, just when I thought I’d finally gotten over you…you show up again, right in front of my eyes.”. !” If he hadn’t been gagged with the towel, Rei would have undoubtedly let loose a loud shout in that moment. He had to be careful not to cause any problems for the Sena family or SenaPro… He had to resolve this on his own. “……? Back Stage!! However…. How long would he be able to put off Shougo’s ‘reward’ like this? すごい Love Stage Back Stage Love Stage Vol 2 Ch 1 Back Stage 3 Olha O Olhar Do Shougo Pqp “Ah—you have?” Now that was certainly something he hadn’t expected, given how worried Seiya had seemed over the matter… It seemed that having a successor now was helping things move in the right direction. First he’d had to organize the debut press conference—and then he’d had to line up jobs for after the debut. He must really have been looking forward to seeing Shougo, and Rei supposed that despite his happy-go-lucky personality, Shougo must be a good big brother to Izumi. He wanted Rei…to smile? “To think I’d see the day when you and I sat around having a beer together again… Never would’ve imagined it, honestly.” Mitsuzuka lightly clinked their cans together, musing nostalgically. “Right—shall we head out?” Rei ducked a nod at Seiya’s suggestion, and with his hand still linked with Izumi’s, they made their way to the parking garage. “Haha, oh yeah—I remember now, you’ve always played for both teams.”, “Oh, I’m married now—and I’ve got a kid, too. Wow, it’s rare for you to come visit me!” He likely had thought Rei the housekeeper, come to collect his laundry, and his eyes were wide with surprise as he sat up from where he lay lounging on his bed—not sleeping, but reading magazines apparently, based on the publications strewn about over his pillow. Through my job.”, “Yeah, what a shock! His sex life had been pretty screwed up too, so there were people out there who held grudges against him in that department as well, some nearly resulting in bloodshed. Especially when the word 'anniversary' comes into play! Even counting their short interruption, Rei’s and Shougo’s relationship had been going on for some ten years now. Shougo’s thrusts had now shifted from the earlier deep but gentle rocking to long thrusts that pulled his cock nearly all the way out before charging back in, brushing mercilessly over Rei’s prostate. Something must have woken him, and seeing that Shougo—who was supposed to be sleeping with him—was not by his side, he’d probably come looking for him. I cannot thank you enough for all the hard work you put in to translating these chapters! So long as they didn’t make any loud noises, they were unlikely to be heard. !” He couldn’t bear to have that happen. im finalen Band um die heiße Liebesgeschichte Shogos Geburtstag steht an und Rei möchte ihn unbedingt überraschen, um ihm seine Zuneigung zu zeigen. Shougo tongued the nipple sharply, and Rei felt the burn of heat slowly flow through his body—which had found no release since that first afternoon with Shougo. Even if Rei hadn’t given in that first time, if he’d pushed Shougo away, he surely wouldn’t have retaliated. Like—you know, just a way of greeting someone,” Shougo explained lightly as he dragged himself sleepily from the bed. The next day, when Rei arrived at work, he steeled himself and began his duties as if nothing were amiss. “Mmm, not yet really. Rei found himself enjoying a rare after-dinner cup of tea alone with Seiya—their first in a while—and his heart danced with both nerves and joy at the opportunity. “You know…I’m the one who most resembles my dad…”. Just how much I loved you.”. “Mm…” Heat flared up slowly at the touch, and a moan slipped out as they kissed. Required fields are marked *. Thank you soooo much for translating this Light Novel, because it’s my favorite! And the other worry…was that several benign polyps had been detected in Seiya’s throat recently, which meant his throat wasn’t doing too well. “…All right.” And trusting that Shougo would keep his word not to do anything Rei didn’t approve, he pressed the button to buzz him inside. “All right; guess there’s nothing we can really do about it. Shougo’s doing a great job with playing it cool, so what good will it do me to screw this up now?’ he reminded himself firmly, then forced his strained features into a smile. This is gonna be good. “I’m hoooooome~!” Rei smiled fondly at the brilliant grin Izumi flashed him. Love Stage!! Oh, yes—it was.” Rei nodded at the question from Satou in Accounting. “Rei? He was often left feeling rather down in the few days following Shougo’s eventual return to England, but it never lasted all that long, and as soon as Shougo showed his face again, he’d be off chattering about what all had happened in his absence. 26 notes. “…Whatever, let’s just get this over with.”. !” He felt something cool slip between his legs, eyes flaring wide. “You know I’m in love with Seiya-san! Rei shook his head, brushing aside Shougo’s light excuse. Thank you for the translations. Besides—smile like he did for Seiya? ’I won’t…be able to stay by Seiya’s side any more…’ This realization shook him so fiercely that he was less saddened by the news…and more in a state of blank shock. “Rei! It's where your interests connect you with your people. Can we maybe meet up somewhere? Shougo had been under no obligation to promise Rei he’d keep their secret, as he’d done just now. “So—I don’t see what there is to worry about!”, “D—Don’t paint me as someone like yourself! Still… He’d expected nothing but hostility for his actions—but it seemed this sort of reaction from an old friend after a long time was possible as well. “It’s…no good?” It was a 6-mat single-room apartment without a bath, but it would only cost 40,000 yen a month—a steal. Today was the day the rest of the Sena family would be returning from their vacation. “Rei, you’re gonna come here every day still?”. He’d never expected Shougo to do something like this—hadn’t he just said before that it was his first time having sex with another man? Though, Rei had to admit, sex with Shougo was the best he’d ever had as well…. From what he’d heard, Shougo had been out of contact for close to a year before coming home out of the blue as he had just now. Rei wasn’t entirely thrilled with the idea of his hands being bound like this, but sensing that protesting further might actually make Shougo happy, he gave in and fell limp. “I see… Your dream, huh,” he allowed with a sigh, having kept silent through Rei’s speech, and then nodded shortly. “I really do regret…”, “Honestly, I was shocked—you just up and disappearing like that one day.

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