How do you sell what doesn’t exist yet?

People love beauty, especially when it comes to products that they want to invest in. An appealing visual representation gives us a deeper understanding and appreciation of an object, as compared to linear sketches or spoken words. This is why well-edited product shots reel in a lot of attention and interest. But what if you don’t have the physical product on hand just yet? What do you do when you want to sell an idea to investors, but don’t have the finances to produce a prototype? How do you sell what doesn’t exist yet? Well…let me do some 3D for you.


Rendered packaging design model for a men’s shaver set.

Shoe dryer design created for SIL Products, Netherlands

3D models are highly functional tools that are also very powerful and truly worth the investment. Having a 3D model is like having the actual product on hand — take a look at it at every angle, render a realistic image that mimics the real thing, make it move and show your audience how the product should work…you can do almost anything when you have a 3D model. If you need a tangible prototype, let’s print it! You think all those neat-looking product pictures online are all well-taken photos? Most of them are actually rendered 3D models that saved the marketers a significant amount of money, instead of doing actual photoshoots, which could take days with all the preparations and aftershot editing. Even if you already have the actual product on hand, your 3D models will still be handy for instantly creating clean product shots for your website.

Let me build you a 3D model of your product, then let me show you what we can do with it.

Rendered packaging for baKblade 2.0

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December 2, 2017

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